Thanks to their high transmission and mechanical parameters, they can be used in studio conditions as well as on stages. They don’t generate interference or noise. They are characterized by high thermal stability, which makes it possible to use them all year round, regardless of the ambient temperature. Thanks to their high flexibility, they are easy to install.

The wires are resistant to all mechanical damages including abrasion, alcohol, fats, and oils.

We offer

  • stage microphone cables
  • installation microphone cables
  • High Fidelity Instrument Cables 1 x 0,23 Screened O.F.C.
  • stage cables
  • speaker cables
  • stage speaker cables
  • installation speaker cables
  • halogen-free installation speaker cables
  • installation speaker cables PH90
  • DMX 512 cables
  • analog multi-pair stage cables
  • digital multi-pair stage cables
  • Multi hybrid cables
  • Data Cable Mobile UTP cables
  • and customized cables according to customer requirements

We supply stage cables from manufacturers such as: