„You will never walk alone…”

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We understand that these days, we are all facing a difficult situation. In these dire circumstances, we took every effort to implement additional protective measures, aimed at ensuring the full safety of our staff, so that we can keep working with you. Keep in mind that „you will never walk alone…” We are with you – you can count on us.

Have hope

Don’t Give Up, Wherever You Are! – Kabel-Kraków

We’d like to share the philosphy of running a company, whih we find interesting. To make sure as we can share it with as many people as possible, we’ve decided to translate it to a few languages. What we’d like to share is universal and can prove itself in almost any part of the world.

“Don’t give up, wherever you are.”

Anyone who has ever played a team sport knows how important the team truly is – the feeling of being a part of the team, which you can rely on in the same way that others can rely on you. When playing, you know that you will always fight to the end, because you all want to win as a whole – you don’t just aim for individual victories. This lesson translates into many aspects of our later life, especially into our professional careers.

If you start working for a company, you can create a similar team. You will be good in one position, someone will support you in your tasks, and someone else will encourage you to act. Together, you will be able to grasp your goals tightly and never let them go, like all the fingers making up a hand, and it will give you a lot of satisfaction. If it is similar to what you felt when you played on that sports team back in the day, you can achieve a real success, and you will be surprised by the results.

After all, it’s never just about Excel spreadsheets, tables, charts and statistics – they are not the only things that matter. There is a human being behind every number – an employee, a customer, a supplier. Every single one of them – or rather every single one of us – works hard to achieve our goals. What is the most important, however, is to never lose sight of the most important things – the joy of doing and respect for others. It is important that work – like those games in the past – brings satisfaction and pleasure. Only then will you feel again that you are experiencing the happiest years of your lives.

Never give up. Learn from every failure. The time will come when nothing surprises you anymore, and standing behind you will be a team that will enable you to win everything that you care about.

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